A call to summoners…

A new Alliance is forming in the Symbiotic Empire.

[818LF] The Life Foundation

The purpose of this alliance is to progress the summoner that has out grown [911RK] Rykers Island or for the summoner in [530KT] or [214PS] that is looking for a home to participate in an active 30 member alliance that does not do Alliance Quest Map 5.

At first 818LF will concentrate on completing map 3 all 5 days with the goal in mind of all 3 BGs completing each day. Participating in Alliance quest , Alliance war and doing your part in Alliance events (Completion, item use, Summoner Advancement) is what we are looking for. There will be no minimum requirements but leadership will be watching to make sure you are doing your part.

The goal is to progress the summoner in 818LF towards being able to participate in a map 5 alliance.

The move will take place after Summoner Advancement ends.

Approximatly …

Please contact AlcesVagando or Moo00se for questions or further details.