214PS – Planet of the Symbiotes

The original alliance of the SYMBIOTIC EMPIRE. Founded by Richard Ringis, craig, and Alive9922 in the Summer of 2015.

818LF – The Life Foundation

Founded by Adayaday, DJ ROMMBA and Moo00se in December 2017.

267KB – The Klyntar Bralwers

The Brawlers began as a beginner alliance. Groomed the likes of bbclare amongst others.

245VM – Venomized

An alliance that was looking for a community like atmosphere was already founded and partnered with the EMPIRE.

911RK – Rykers Island

The second alliance created in the EMPIRE meant to serve as a feeder alliance to 214PS. It like the symbiote race has had many different roles over the years.

710KK – Keepers of Knull

An alliance born to service those who have time to participate in AQ and AW occasionally yet still have time to log in and help the alliance in other ways.

680GS – The Guardian Symbiotes (est. 6/2019)

This alliance is the first of the EMPIRE’s great expansion. Moo00se decided to take his knowledge and years of experience out to fully build of the EMPIRE. Expand and put the EMPIRE’s name on the MCOC pages of legends.

420CH – Shady Acres Care Home

Retirement home.