214PS – Planet of the Symbiotes

The original alliance of the SYMBIOTIC EMPIRE. Founded by Richard Ringis, craig, and Alive9922 in the Summer of 2015.

818LF – The Life Foundation

Founded by Adayaday, DJ ROMMBA and Moo00se in December 2017.

267KB – The Klyntar Bralwers

The Brawlers began as a beginner alliance. Groomed the likes of bbclare amongst others.

245VM – Venomized

An alliance that was looking for a community like atmosphere was already founded and partnered with the EMPIRE.

911RK – Rykers Island

The second alliance created in the EMPIRE meant to serve as a feeder alliance to 214PS. It like the symbiote race has had many different roles over the years.

710KK – Keepers of Knull

An alliance born out of semi retirement.

420CH – Shady Acres Care Home

Retirement home.